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    1911 3pa black violet, error of color. Catalog #109var

    Serbia Stamps. Ultimate Collector’s Guide

    The first Serbia stamps were issued in 1866. History The main philatelic periods of Serbian history: 1901-1920 - Kingdom of Serbia. 1920-1940 - Kingdom of Yugoslavia, (part of). 1941-1945...

    Some reprints & forgeries of the Japanese Occupation “farmer” series

    It is hoped that these preliminary notes will be of some help to anyone not familiar with these issues, especially if confronted by the...

    Some notes on the “reproductions” of “atdinvest” (Juan A Canoura Sr.)

    "I am just finish as a forger. I just want to enjoy the years of my life that I have left." The business As noted...
    Med Group Home Healthcare LLC - personal care agency in Milwaukee.

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